Terms of Service

Welcome to P2P Bookstore, a marketplace to buy and sell textbooks, novels, or any type of used books. Our aim is to facilitate smooth transactions between buyers and sellers. To ensure a satisfactory experience for all parties involved, we have established these Terms Of Service ("TOS") to govern the use of our peer-to-peer book selling service. By using our platform, you agree to comply with these TOS. If you do not agree to these TOS, do not use our service.

Account Registration

To buy or sell books on our website, you must register and create an account. When registering, you must provide accurate and complete information about yourself. It is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account and password, and you are responsible for all activities that occur under your account.

Book Condition Criteria

We take the condition of the book very seriously. We do not allow books in bad conditions to be listed. A book is considered to be in a bad condition if it exhibits any of the following significant damages:
  • Missing or torn pages
  • Breaks in the spine or cover
  • Water damage
  • Excessive writing, highlighting, or markings on pages
  • Mold or strong odors
  • Any other damage that significantly impacts the readability or aesthetics of the book

Detailed Book Listings

Sellers are required to provide an accurate representation of the book's condition through a video when listing the book. The provided video will be used to establish the condition of the book and to ensure that the buyer is aware of the book's condition before making the purchase. If the video intentionally or unintentionally omits parts of the book that were damaged, or if the book is damaged beyond the normal "used state", it will be considered seller's responsibility.

Unacceptable Book Listings

Sellers are prohibited from listing books that are in bad condition. We strongly urge sellers to refrain from publishing a book that is not in a good condition, as it undermines the trust and satisfaction of our buyers. If a buyer receives a book that is in a condition significantly worse than shown in the provided video, they have the right to return the book.

Responsibility for Return Shipping Costs

Sellers are responsible for any shipping costs associated with returning a book due to discrepancies between the book's video and its actual condition, or if the book is in a bad condition beyond the typical "used state". P2P Bookstore will charge the return shipping costs back to the seller.

Purchase and Sale Transactions

During a book purchase, the buyer will acquire the book from our company, and the seller will sell the book to our company. In this regard, our company facilitates the transaction, guaranteeing a smooth operation for both the buyer and the seller.

Quality, Safety, and Legality

Our company is not responsible for the quality, safety, or legality of the books advertised or sold on our application. The responsibility lies with the sellers to ensure the quality and legality of their listed books.

Information Accuracy

While we facilitate the transaction, we do not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by book sellers. Any errors or omissions in such information are not our responsibility, although we will execute the return and refund procedures established in our return policy.

Return Process

In the event a buyer wishes to return a book due to the reasons outlined in this policy, they should initiate the return by canceling the purchase upon receiving the book. We will not support any subsequent claims regarding the condition of the received book. The buyer is required to provide a video illustrating the discrepancies between the seller's listed book and the received book to substantiate their claims. Our team will guide them through the return and refund process and assist in arranging the return shipment to the seller. The refund will not be issued until the seller receives their book back.

Seller Compliance

Sellers are expected to comply with this policy and the established return procedures. Failure to comply may result in restrictions or actions taken against the seller's account.

Buyer Accountability

Buyers are expected to adhere to the return policy guidelines and provide accurate information during the return process.

User Conduct

The user agrees to use our application in a legal, ethical, and responsible manner. The user must not use our application to post, send, or transmit any illegal, defamatory, obscene, threatening, violent, or any other content that violates the rights of third parties. We do not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind and reserve the right to cancel the account of any user who violates these standards.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights to the content and technology used on our website are exclusively owned by us or our licensors. The user may not reproduce, modify, distribute, transmit, publicly display, sell, or commercially exploit any content on the website without our prior written consent.

Changes to TOS

We reserve the right to modify these TOS at any time. The changes will take effect immediately upon posting on our application. It is the user's responsibility to read and understand the updated TOS.

Limitation of Liability

In no case will we be liable to the user or any third party for indirect or consequential damages arising from the use of our service.


We reserve the right to cancel or suspend the account of any user at any time and for any reason.

Applicable Law

These TOS are governed by the laws of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

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Last modification: 19-Sep-2023